Project Lily does not take referrals from individuals, rather, we work with Partners. These Partners are organisations whose staff we train to identify and respond to potential mental health issues of people they come in to contact with in the course of their work. We provide ongoing support to our Partners remaining non-judgemental and confidential at all times. Our unique early intervention and fast-track support system is based on a two-tier approach: ‘Lily Light’ and ‘Lily Extra’:

Lily Light

Lily Light provides low intensity interventions through a well-trained support team who are able to identify potential mental health issues before they escalate. They listen to every individual and relate to them in a warm way, avoiding the cold and clinical approach of some providers.


In most cases, Lily Light is the appropriate level of support needed to get individuals back on their feet.

Lily Extra

If there may be the need for a higher intensity intervention, Project Lily’s in-house Clinical Director is able to assess individuals and either Refer them to our extensive network of counsellors, therapists and psychologists or Signpost them to pre-existing therapeutic organisations.


Our dedicated support team follows up on the progress of every client to ensure a successful outcome. Project Lily’s Clinical Director keeps the Lily team up to date with current legislation and procedures through a regular and comprehensive CPD training programme.

A Jewish Community Framework

Project Lily’s success is rooted in its Jewish Community framework which provides a one-stop, non-judgemental service where individuals receive culturally sensitive guidance, direction and support.

“The importance of correctly dealing with emotional health issues is increasingly being recognised both within and outside of the workplace. For UK businesses, absenteeism due to emotional health challenges is a multi-billion pound issue.”

Lisa Radford
Project Lily’s Operations & Development Director

“There is plentiful evidence that people who identify strongly with a particular set of cultural experiences often do choose to consult therapists who share these experiences… and this is associated with better outcomes.”

Prof. John McLeod
Professor Emeritus of Counselling, University of Dundee (2000, An Introduction to Counselling. OU Press)

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Trustees: David Coffer, Rabbi Danny Kirsch, Tracy Berkoff
Honorary Patron: Lady Elaine Sacks
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