We are delighted to announce that Project Lily is growing and is now Partnering with several significant community organisations.


Project Lily’s current Partner network now includes:

The Boys Clubhouse

The only Jewish charity dedicated to providing a safe and secure environment for disadvantaged and disillusioned young men. The Boys Clubhouse is often their last and only hope of support, both emotional and financial.


The aim of the JLE is to show the relevance and deeper meaning of Judaism to 21st century Jews and to enable them to make informed life decisions by providing the highest quality educational and social opportunities in a relevant and welcoming environment.


his Jewish communal charity is on a mission to inspire and enable lifelong giving. The result is thousands of people learning and volunteering to make a difference to countless lives.


Provides practical, emotional and therapeutic support to adolescent girls in the Orthodox Jewish community. Noa is a safe, caring, non-judgemental environment which offers each girl tailored support to meet her individual needs.


When it comes to Career Goals everyone is different. Resource – the Jewish community’s dedicated employment support organisation – will ensure that you receive the perfect employment advice, support and skills training that is suitable for you. So, whether you are starting out in the job market, looking for a change or having concerns about the future, or landing the right job – well, that’s our job.


Seed provides adult and family Jewish education through formal study and informal experiences. They aim to strengthen the family through positive Jewish encounters and by sharing the richness of Jewish life, learning and values.

Work avenue logo

Work Avenue

A communal organisation operating across the full spectrum of the Jewish community. It assists people in creating long term sustainable incomes either through creating work opportunities or helping businesses develop and flourish.


By building up the network of Lily partners, there is a wonderful opportunity to provide more young people with life-changing support. If you would like to discuss new Partnership opportunities please contact Lisa Radford, Operations and Development Director at [email protected]

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